Cleaning Rota Details for Ibberton and Belchalwell Village Hall.

Thank you for offering to clean the village hall during one month in the year. When it is your month just decide when you are able to clean check with Derek Old when the hall is in use that month (in case you turn up during a let!) and either see Kay Old (817349) or myself to collect the key. The cleaning materials are kept in the kitchen under the sink (Key to metal box under sink on window ledge beside boiler). If we are running low on any materials or you wish to comment on any observations, good or bad! Please tell Kay or me when you
return the key or drop a message into my door, Annette Newman, Woolland View, email or phone 01258 (817269). Let Annette know if you have a problem with your month and she will cover. 

General cleaning.

Please sweep up the flies from floors and windowsills everywhere!

Kitchen-clean sink, cooker hob (note use sealed hot plate restorer if necessary), fridge and surfaces, floor may need washing. Check that the water boiler has been drained and is switched off.

KEEP UP THE HATCH BOARDS it helps to keep flies and dust from the kitchen.

Toilets-clean toilets and wash basins. Put bleach in the toilets.

Hall- Check tables and wipe over if necessary. (When borrowed the tables sometimes come back sticky).

Entrance-mats need a good shake and brush.

Please take rubbish home.


January                                                      February                      

Iris Patterson                                       Mary Leamon  817736


March                                                         April

Belinda Simpson                              Jenny Lee 817712


May                                                             June

Barbara Knight  817103                       Jason Franklin 817563      



July                                                             August

Val Weeks 817347                                Annette Newman 817269



September                                                  October

Jill Owen 817362                                       Sarah Turner                                                               


November                                                  December

Jessica Baker                                    Anne Heath 818196


Thank you again, yours Annette Newman.



Bookings phone 01258 817349              Ibberton & Belchalwell Village Hall   

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