Committeee Meeting  Wednesday 7th  February, 2018

A committee meeting for Ibberton and Belchalwell Village Hall was held
at the Village hall on Wednesday 7th February. Those present were
the Trustees Mr. D. Old, Chairman, Mr J Yeatman, Miss B. Courage, Mr. J.
Franklin Trustees; the committee,  Mr J
Heath Chairman, Mrs J Heath Mrs. A. Newman, Mrs. K. Old, Mrs. M. Leamon,
Mrs.H.Yeatman, , Mrs B. Simpson, Miss C. Lodder, Mr, A, Glover, with apologies
from Ms J Lee,  , Mr. O. Yeatman, Mrs B

Election of Officers 

Mr D. Old, Chairman of the Trustees, Chaired the election of officers

Mrs A Newman proposed Mr J. Heath as Chairman Mrs H. Yeatman seconded

Mrs. H. Yeatman proposed Mrs B. Simpson, as Vice-Chairman, Mrs K Old,

Miss B. Courage, proposed that Mrs. A. Newman continue as secretary, Mrs
M Leamon, seconded.

Mr Jack Yeatman proposed Mr D Old continue as treasurer, Miss. B.
Courage seconded.

Mrs.A.Newman proposed that Mr D Old become booking secretary, Mrs.K.
Old seconded.

      The minutes of the last committee meeting were read and signed by the Chairman as correct.

2. Matters arising

Tree trimmed by Jason – Thank you much better
Internet – now with Wessex Internet - £199 install – 12 months contract - 30 GB per download per month with no
Telephone – Line rental saver until 19th Jan – New fees for lines only in April – no idea of prices yet – poss.
£149 – less than line rental saver – from January, 201 Do we need a phone? What about Vonage
prices over Wessex Internet? £8.50 per month – landlines unlimited –
mobiles 10p per minute £5 to deliver control box or £15 all calls
unlimited plus control box & 2 mobile phones
Gift aid  - need
to explore this in more detail

3. Review Hiring
Fees – agreed to keep all fees the same as previous year

4. Maintenance Report

including review Fire & Health and Safety Risk Assessment – no change from previous AGM –
policy signed by Chairman
electric check items – all working well
door frame front door – needs replacing? – when weather is better
blinds – bead strings degrading – looked into replacement of beads / new blinds – new bead
string and connectors purchased – strings will be replaced as needed – broken connectors replaced
Small leak under disabled toilet – Andy will do this when has time
2 small bowls broken at an event – paid by hirer and now
replaced – 70 cups and saucers / 60 plates, bowls, small plates – checked
Glazing in glass pane above front door gone misty - monitor
John James provided large socket from his home for computer connections – will discuss
with John about purchase – wait until other electrical jobs needed to add
a plug

6. Fund raising and social events

Saturday 17th February Artsreach  – INCANDESCENDO

Bingo 6th April   

Mid Summer Barbecue  23th June - £8 adult
ticket/£4.50 child – bring own alcohol/glasses 7-8.30 pm

8. Date for next meeting. Wednesday 5th September, 2018

9. Any other business.

Meeting closed at 8.45pm


Bookings phone 01258 817349              Ibberton & Belchalwell Village Hall   

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