A.G.M. Wednesday 7th February, 2018
The annual general meeting of the Ibberton and Belchalwell Village Hall was held at the Village hall on 7th February.
Those present were, Mr D. Old, Chairman of Trustees & Treasurer, Mr. J. Yeatman, Mrs. A. Newman, Secretary, Mrs. K. Old, Mrs. H. Yeatman, Mr J. Franklin, Mrs. M. Leamon, Miss. B. Courage, Mrs B. Simpson, Miss C. Lodder, Mr A Glover, Mr J Heath, Chairman Hall Committee, Mrs J Heath. Apologies from Ms J Lea, Mr. O. Yeatman Mrs B Knight
1. Minutes of the last meeting AGM. Chaired by Trustee’s Chairman Mr Derek Old
2. No Matters arising
3. Trustees Chairman’s Report
The chair thanked all the committee for all their work over the previous year.
4. Secretary’s Report
The Secretary thanked everyone for their support to assist in this role.
5. Treasurer’s Report
The yearly accounts where presented ending 31st December 2017. The treasurer gave comparisons with the previous year’s income and expenditure. The hall hire income has fallen and furniture hire income has risen slightly. The hall had a trading deficit for 2016 of £54-72. The insurance premium rose this year but the Treasurer managed to get it reduced by £46.83 and include Trustees liability insurance. We need another oil delivery soon. Mr Graham Dyke very kindly independently examined and audited the accounts. Mrs A. Newman will write and thank him on behalf of the Trustees and Committee.
Proposed by Helen Yeatman and seconded by Kay Old that the accounts be accepted.
6. Booking’s Report
Hiring’s continue as before, parties, church events, parish council meetings, cricket club, a drop in cafe and 2 elections. Unfortunately the dog trainer has found it difficult to find clients so has discontinued classes after many years and the cricket club has closed. The car park has also been hired on a few occasions. The hire of furniture has increased of late including the stage. The fund raising events have all brought in slightly less than previous years. At the moment the film shows will cease due to lack of support but we will continue to have two Artsreach events a year.
Election of Committee
Mr J Heath, Mrs. A. Newman, Mrs. K. Old, Mrs. M. Leamon, Mrs .H. Yeatman, Mrs B Knight, Mrs J Heath, Ms J Lea, Mr. O. Yeatman, Miss Carol Lodder, Mrs Belinda Simpson, Mr Andy Glover and Mrs A Newman all agreed to stand for the Committee in 2018.
Meeting Closed at 8. 15 pm. The date for the AGM will be decided at the meeting of the Trustees in September.





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