Jan 5 2008 (Updated February 2013)   Connecting Dorset Project

Village Hall is connected to Broadband as a result of the Connecting Dorset Project - Come and use the new facility or join the weekly computer group.

FREE public access on Tuesdays 10-12.  The drop-in sessions are run by a volunteer mentor, who will be on hand to assist you with questions, advice and guidance. Please bring your own laptop if you have one, as the hall's own equipment is limited.

The hall has a wireless broadband network, 6 ethernet ports in the wall, a laptop, external monitor, external keyboard, monochrome laser printer, and two scanners.

To help with the running costs of the broadband account, we ask for a donation of at least £1 per session.  Tea/coffee and a biscuit are available for 50p.  Printing (monochrome) is available for 10 per sheet.

[The Citizens Online case study about Ibberton & Belchallwell Village Hall is no longer available online]


  Feb 13 2010           Grassroots Grant Success

Since Moviola (Mobile Film Project) lost its grant from the Council and become too expensive for small venues the Village Hall Committee has wondered how they could provide film events again. Do you remember watching ‘Calendar Girls’ with the 69 other people in our hall a few years ago? In March, 2009 an email arrived from Grassroots Grants Bournemouth/Dorset/Poole about applying for funding to help support small voluntary and community groups and organizations with projects that are connected with and/or to meet the needs of the local community this seemed a chance to help the committee with such a project. In August the committee heard that it had been offered £2,375 from Grassroots towards this project. This money has enabled the hall to purchase a projector, sound system, speakers and large free standing film screen. The computer equipment has also been upgraded to help with this project. Our first event was held in conjunction with Sturminister Newton Museum and Mill Society when local historical films were shown.

The committee would like to thank the GRASSROOTS GRANTS for Bournemouth/Dorset/Poole for making such a project possible for our small community.

Film evenings are planned for the Autumn-any suggestions please email     imailto:ibberton@dorsethalls.org.uk    













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