Risk Assessments in Village Halls-Hazards  Appendix 2



Car park

1.      Tripping and falling-lighting adequate

2.      Tripping and falling-surface maintained

Exterior –footpaths and steps

1.      Tripping and falling-lighting adequate

2.      Tripping and falling- surface/walls maintained

3.      Access to other hazards-main road-

      close gate during children’s activities

Entrance Area

1.      Electric shock from main fuse/trip switch-housed within cupboard-checked yearly from August

2.      Tripping and falling-step into hall has white edge/black board displaying Careful step! when exhibitions in hall


Main Hall

1.      Moving heavy items-(eg chairs and tables)-only consenting adults move heavy furniture

2.      Electric shock from portable equipment-checked yearly August  

3.      Too many people-limited to 100

4.      Electric sockets (accessed by children) – plug covers used if hirer groups children under 5 years-others warned

5.      Fire exits, blocked-checked clear at all events

6.      Fire equipment not working-checked yearly-October/November


1.      Hot surfaces (esp children) – no children in kitchen when cooker is being used unless cooking in group of 2 with adult

2.      Sharp implements(esp children) sharp knives stored under sink-kiddy locks on the doors-children not allowed in kitchen when sharp knives being used

3.      Cleaning materials-stored under sink-doors have kiddy locks

4.      Hot water boiler-(esp children/infirm users) –boiler plumb in-positioned in corner of kitchen

5.      Dangling leads-sockets in corner of kitchen-all equipment used on top of surfaces

6.      Slipping on floor-non-slip flooring.


1.      Slipping on floor-non-slip flooring

2.      Cleaning materials-no cleaning materials in toilets-equipment stored in disabled toilet-non-dangerous


1.      Falls from ladders – only contractors need to use ladders outside-inside ladders only used by consenting adults with a second adult in attendance

2.      Working alone-work in pairs

3.      Electric shock from appliances-all hall equipment check yearly in August

4.      Incorrect moving of heavy items (eg furniture) only moved by consenting adults 


1.      Stacked equipment-only five chairs to be stacked-

       -tables to be stacked tops to tops and

        backs to backs-wall labelled

2.      People moving heavy items-only consenting adults to move equipment.



1.      Loose steps and units-assembled correctly following instructions

2.      Stage edges not clearly visible-masking tape used to mark edges

Rear disabled entrance

1.      Condition of ramp-wheel chairs users to have access to clear ramp

2.      Entrance through kitchen – passage kept clear and no hot drinks and food being carried around when disabled people entering hall.


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