Ibberton and Belchalwell Village Hall Hiring Agreement.


Please be aware that loud music is not acceptable.


This agreement is made on (the date) (1) between the Committee (2) and the Hirer (3) named below, whereby, in consideration of the sum(s) mentioned (4).

A.      The Committee agrees to permit the Hirer to use the premises (5) for the purpose (6) and for the period(s) described below, viz:


1.  Date(s) Required:-     Day(s)___________________     Date(s)____________________



                                        Month___________________     Year______________________



Time Required:-             From____________________      To________________________



                                       Preparation_______________      Clearing Up________________



2.        Ibberton and Belchalwell  Village Hall Management Committee:

Authorised Representative:  Mrs B. Smith

                                              1, Cutlers Close,

                                              Ibberton, Blandford, Dorset.      Telephone Number 01258 817555                                                                                                                                                                                          


3.        Hirer:


       Name (If Individual)_____________________________________________________



       Organisation (If Applicable)_______________________________________________                                                             




Name of Organisation’s Authorised Representative:____________________________

Note: Person(s) signing must be 18 years of age or over.

The Booking Secretary may ask for ID if there is doubt over a person’s age.





Telephone Number:_________________Home          ___________________ Work



4.        Hiring Fee:        £____________



Deposit:             £____________         10%



Balance:             £___________



Special Deposit:   £__________

This deposit will be refunded within 28 days of the termination of the period of hire provided that no damage or loss has been caused to the premises and/or contents during the period of the hiring as a result of the hiring.


Commercial Use   YES/NO


5.        Premises:       Whole Village Hall.



6.        Purpose of Hiring:    This will be a private  /  public event.    (Delete the appropriate one)


     The hirer shall pay a deposit of 10% of the cost of the booking. The balance of fees being 

     payable on or before the conclusion of the event for which the Hall is hired (the deposit having

     been paid on the signing thereof)

     In the event that there is evidence that smoking has taken place during a hall booking, all or part

     of the deposit will be retained. This indicates that the Hirer has failed to comply with the

     prohibition of smoking in public places provisions of the Health Act 2006.


7.        Will your event require music?  YES  /NO



8.        Is alcohol to be provided at the event(s)?   YES  /NO


Will it be for sale?   YES  /No


If yes, you will need to seek written permission from the Committee for a licence(see condition 3.)



1.         The Hirer agrees with the Committee to be present during the hiring and to perform the provisions and stipulations contained or referred to in the Committee’s “Standard Conditions of Hire” for the time being in force as annexed hereto (an understanding of which the Hirer acknowledges) together with the special conditions set out in the schedule if any.

2.         It is hereby agreed that the Standard Conditions of Hire attached hereto together with any Special Conditions of  Hire contained in the schedule overleaf form part of the terms of the Hiring Agreement unless specifically excluded.


As Witness the hands of the parties hereto:


Signed by the person named at 2(b) above on the behalf of Ibberton and Belchalwell Village Hall Management Committee 2(a):




Signed by the person named at 3(a) (on behalf of the organisation named at 3(b) above, where applicable).

I declare that the information given in this agreement is correct to the best of my knowledge and I acknowledge that any misstatement or misrepresentation will invalidate the agreement.

Bookings phone 01258 817349              Ibberton & Belchalwell Village Hall           ibbertonvillagehall@gmail.com  

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