Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Fire Safety Risk Assessment  - Ibberton and Belchalwell Village Hall


Present Circumstances

Comments & Actions

1. Identify Fire Hazards

Electrical heating, cooking & lighting




Wood lined roof and walls



All checked annually

Rewired (2001) Re-certified(August 2006)

All safety devices in place


All internal wood has been treatment with fire retardant chemicals

2. Identify People at Risk

Users easy to evacuate into car park, grassed area and field through two, existing, wide, exit doors.







Disabled people can leave by the disabled ramp at the rear. Front door is wide with a low step that could be used with assistance.




Children always accompanied by adults


Inside-two doors in good positions for evacuation (at opposite ends of the hall) – lit by emergency fire escape lights(switched on when events in progress)


Outside-exits are lit with emergency lights.


In the event of a power cut, the emergency lights have a battery back up unit that lasts for 12 hours.


Disabled toilet also has an emergency light

3. Evaluate & Deal with Risks

Fire Equipment-

extinguishers located in


2)porch-under electricity metres


3)fire blanket in first aid cupboard-cupboard labelled-in kitchen

4)smoke detector-located in kitchen








All exits are kept clear with a metre aisle left between chairs



Tested annually







Monthly - equipment visually inspected.

3 monthly - smoke detector, emergency lights and exit doors inspected

Yearly - emergency battery emptied and electricity officially checked




4. Record. Plan, Inform, etc

Plan of equipment included on Village Hall booklet and on display on the kitchen wall


Users informed of exits and fire procedures  at the beginning of events



5. Review

Annually-before AGM


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