Ibberton and Belchalwell Village Hall


Fire Emergency Policy and Procedure


It is our policy to:


Ø      Provide adequate control of the fire safety risks arising from our activities;

Ø      Consult with our users on matters affecting their health and safety

Ø      Provide information, instruction and supervision for Hall users;

Ø      Review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals.


Overall and final responsibility for fire safety within the building is that of Mr. D. Old. 


All Users are required to:


Ø      Co-operate with the management on fire safety matters;

Ø      Not interfere with anything provided to safeguard their health and safety;

Ø      Follow any system of work implemented to protect their health and safety and generally take care of their own health and safety; and

Ø      Report all fire safety concerns to Mr. D. Old


To reduce the risks of fire occurring and ensure a safe and effective response to any incident that should break out all Users should be familiar with the following:


Ø      The location of all exit routes from the building.


Ø      The requirement to ensure that all routes remain unobstructed at all times.


Ø      The arrangements for ensuring that full evacuation of the premises has taken place.


Ø      The location and method of use of fire fighting equipment.


Ø      The action to be taken on discovering a fire (These are detailed below)


Ø      The need to report any defects or concern with regard to fire safety to Mr. D. Old


Ø      The no smoking policy within the building.


Ø      All items of portable electrical equipment introduced into the establishment must be tested by a competent person to ensure compliance with current regulations.


Ø      Any defective electrical items must be brought to the attention of the designated member of the management team and taken out of service until an authorised repair has been made.


Evacuation policy


Action on discovering a fire


Ø      In a loud clear voice shout FIRE, FIRE, FIRE to attract the attention of nearby persons.


Ø      Tackle the fire only if you feel confident to do so.


Ø      The senior member of staff/person in charge present is responsible for ensuring the Fire Brigade has been called using the 999 system.


Ø      Encourage evacuation of the building via the nearest available route.   


Do not put yourself at risk.


Ø      If smoke is seen seeping from around any door, or the door feels hot to the touch, do not  open the door as this could endanger yourself and cause the fire to spread.


Action on hearing the shout of fire




Ø      Stop what you are doing.


Ø      Leave the building by the nearest available route





1.      Call the emergency services using the 999 system.

If possible give details of the size and nature of the incident and the current situation.


2.      Meet the Fire Brigade and direct them to the effected area.



November, 2006


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