Fire Risk Assessment

Has a fire risk assessment been carried out?   Yes 18/6/05


Has the maximum occupancy of the premises been determined? 100 people


Are all escape routes properly maintained and free from obstructions, goods or any materials that constitute a hazard to the route?     Yes


Are all stairways, corridors and lobbies kept free from combustible storage and furniture etc. at all times?   Yes


Are all stairways, ramps and steps comprising part of the means of escape maintained in a safe condition with even and non-slippery surfaces, with all floor coverings secured in position?     Yes



Are all self closing doors (other than those held open automatically) maintained self closing at all times and not provided with any means of keeping them in the open position?      Yes



Are there any fire doors held open with automatic devices?      Yes



Do they close automatically upon operation of the fire alarm?   No



Are all exit doors, through which a person may have to pass, unlocked and free to open for persons leaving the premises?     Yes



Are arrangements in place so that persons with mobility difficulties are able to leave the premises safely in the event of fire?     Yes



Are all floors, walls and ceilings kept in a satisfactory state of repair?      Yes



Are all surface finishing’s on walls, partitions and ceilings of such a standard to minimise fire spread?

             Yes-wooden walls/ceiling  treated 2000 as advised by fire officer


Is all fire fighting equipment readily available for use?     Yes



Is all fire fighting equipment tested and maintained in efficient working order according to the appropriate standard?

        Yes-certificate for fire equipment on wall


Is the fire alarm readily available for use?    Smoke detector in kitchen

Note: The means for giving warning in case of fire ie. the provision or otherwise of a fire alarm system should be determined by a fire risk assessment.

Is the fire alarm tested and maintained in efficient working order according to the appropriate standard?

                                  Smoke detector checked regularly



Is the escape lighting readily available for use?    Yes-checked regularly


Is the escape lighting tested and maintained in efficient working order according to the appropriate standard?

    Yes-checked regularly


Are all persons employed in the premises given instruction and training in the action to be taken in case of fire?

             Yes-when necessary


Are records of all electrical tests and fire drill training maintained?     Yes-file in first aid cupboard in kitchen


Are all notices, signs and fire exit signs legible and unobstructed?    Yes


Is the electrical installation in a good state of repair?   Yes-checked in accordance with North Dorset District Council/electrician/fire officer


If special effects such as lasers, pyrotechnics, smoke machines, foam
machines etc, are to be used, what additional fire safety measures have been provided?  Responsibility of hirer/performer


For premises with moveable seating (village halls etc) Are adequate gangway widths (1.06m) and seatway widths (305 mm) provided?    Yes    

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