Equal Opportunities Policy Statement



Ibberton & Belchalwell Village Hall



The Ibberton & Belchalwell Village Hall Committee acknowledges that the United Kingdom is diverse in culture race beliefs and religion and believes that no individual or group of people should receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, age, colour, race, nationality, racial or national origins, cultural heritage, disability, marital status, social background, sexual orientation or geographical location.  The Committee acknowledges that members of these groups are often under-represented, exposed to prejudice and stereotyping, and suffer various disadvantages with our society.


The purpose of this Policy Statement is to set out clearly and fully the positive action that Ibberton & Belchalwell Committee intends to take to combat direct and indirect discrimination in employment policy, management of the organisation, relationships with other bodies, and the services it provides to the community, community organisations and individuals.


Ibberton & Belchalwell Committee is committed to providing equality of opportunity in all areas of its work.  It aims to overcome discrimination on the grounds mentioned above.  The Committee recognises that positive steps need to be taken to ensure equality of provision in areas of representation, service provision, membership and access and will take action to make this policy effective.


The Aims of the Committee


Our aim is to ensure that we become aware of discrimination and the problem it causes.


Ibberton & Belchalwell Committee will challenge practices, legislation and institutions, which seek to discriminate against or deny the rights of individuals or groups in any form.


Ibberton & Belchalwell Committee will seek to take positive action to address the inequalities in our society.


Ibberton & Belchalwell Committee is committed to the equal opportunities policy set out in this document and will work to develop, improve and monitor it. 


May, 2010

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