Ibberton and Belchalwell Village Hall

           Acceptable Use of the Internet Policy


These guidelines are for all those (mentors, learners, business unit

occupiers, and volunteers) who use IBVH equipment or

broadband Internet access.


1. All users of the Internet must understand the basic conventions

and navigation techniques before going on line and accessing

web pages without support.


2. The IBVH keeps a log of which sites you have visited.


3. IBVH users are asked to act responsibly whilst using the

Internet and not to down load information which may be

offensive to other members. This could include pornographic,

racist, sexist or homophobic material. If you have a particular

reason for wanting to access such material, please gain the

permission of a member of staff in advance.


4. Possession of certain types of unsuitable material can lead to

prosecution by the police.


5. Do not use information found on the Internet as though it is

your own work – this contravenes copyright rules.


6. Download information to Flash Drives rather than to the

machine’s hard drive. (unless advised otherwise by a

mentor). No films or music to be downloaded. (IBVH has a limited download agreement)


7. IBVH mentors on occasion may need to check personal discs

being used in IBVH machines to protect against virus attack.

It is the responsibility of users to tell the a mentor if a

virus warning is received or if there are other technical



8. Those who do not act within the spirit of the Acceptable Use

Policy may be prevented from continuing to use IBVH



IBVH  Committee      February 2008



Ibberton & Belchalwell Village Hall

Acceptable Use Policy


You agree :


·                                 To treat the equipment, mediators and other users with respect and consideration


·                                 To share the use of the equipment fairly and equitably


·                                 To follow the instructions of the mediators


·                                 Not to download or create any illegal or offensive material


·                                 To be legally responsible for your own actions taken on the PC during your session


·                                 That anything left on the computer at the end of your session can be seen, modified or deleted by later users


February 2008

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